Neil Curtis and Sons offer many services, not just the digging of graves.

We also build brick vaults and undertake groundworks for cemeteries. We also locate and create new grave spaces and can build pathways and walkways.

We have also assisted churches and councils in moving grave sites, such as when the area is being redeveloped. We do this in a respectful and sympathetic way.

In the past we have been tasked with re-locating graves that have been ‘lost’ over the years. This often happens when grave markers have been damaged, stolen or moved in the past and records of the grave location have been lost or destroyed.

Back in 2015 we assisted in the relocation of the grave site of Captain James Stirling and his wife. He was the founder of what is now known as Western Australia and his grave was lost when the tombstone was accidentally smashed and moved many years ago. The church had thought the grave was also moved, but it became clear in recent years that this wasn’t the case.

We have also dug graves for television and film, Eastenders being one notable example.